1. How much do you charge? 

That’s a big question and it is always a tough one to answer as it depends so much on the project – how much work is involved and how quickly you would like it done. This list is just an idea, so please get in touch for a more accurate price because it pretty much depends on the topic and research. The prices are negotiable for bigger projects. But to give you an idea here are some sample prices:

Sub-Editing | Copywriting

  • Per hour: 35-40€/hour or a fixed price per article
  • Per word: minimum 0,04€/word up to 0,10€/word

Academic Writing | Ghostwriting:

  • Per page: 25€ – 50€/page (~350 words) or fixed price per order


Depending on the topic and time for research, 10-12 pages (~ 5000 words) is around 200€ – 300€.

Proofreading (Korrektorat):

Prices can be negotiated per page or word

  • Per page: 4.50€/standard page (Normseite) which is around 1500 characters with blank spaces.
  • Per word: 0.03€/ word, deduction on orders with a higher word count (more than 5000)

Editing (Lektorat):

Prices can be negotiated per page or word

  • Per Page: 5.50€/standard page (Normseite) which is around 1500 characters with blank spaces
  • Per word: 0,04€/word, deduction on orders with a higher word count (more than 5000)
  • Transcription | Subtitling:

    • German and/or English 3.60€/min, AV-Translation: 5.10€/min.


    • English – German / German – English: from 0.040€ – 0.10€/ word
    • Spanish – German: 0.045€ – 0.10€/ word
    • French – German: 0.040€ – 0.10€/ word

 3. How quickly can you complete the job?

When would you like me to deliver? If I am available I can start work immediately and work to a quick turnaround time. There are no extra charges for evening or weekend hours.

4. How can I pay?

You can lodge the payment via  PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer (SEPA bank account or Australian bank account). To avoid foreign transaction fees, I recommend to choose PayPal but two other payment methods (+ another bank account) can be discussed.

Once the invoice is settled, an automated payment receipt for your fiscal verification will be sent from my accounting software.

5. Which Software do you use?

I have experience in using a wide range of different translation and subtitling software and I am familiar with website content management systems (CMS). These are the ones I use to work with:

Translation: Trados, MemoQ

Subtitling: Subtitle Workshop, Jubler, Womble Easy Sub (not anymore)

♦ Transcription (e.g. Interviews): F4

System: Windows 10

Office 2016 (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint)

♦ Canva and InDesign


6. What if you are unavailable?

If I’m not able to work on your project – either if it’s something I don’t do or if I am away or unavailable – then I have a great network of other freelancers and may be able to find someone else who can complete the work for you.